Val di Sole walks

Cogolo | Church of Santa Lucia

From the car-park of Cogolo (1,165 m) continue on the sidewalk along the SP 42 and after about 50 meters turn right onto the road for the Plaze area; continue through the wood to the Little Church of Santa Lucia (1,196 m).
Travel time: about 1 hour

Cogolo | Tour of the Masi

Fifty meters from the car-park of Cogolo, take the road on the right towards the hydroelectric power station of Pont. Continue along the road for the Malgamare; after about 200 meters, near the crossroad, take a right turn for Masi Le Lame (1,396 m). Way back in the direction of Masi Guilnova (1,230 m).
Travel time (round): about 2 hours

Peio Paese 1,585 M | Covel Lake

From the square of the Parish Church in Peio city-center, climb up towards San Rocco, from where you can visit the Austro-Hungarian cemetery. Continue to the rural buildings in the Covel area and then take a track towards the Alpine hut and visit the lake with the same name (1,800 m) and the waterfalls on the Rio Vioz. Return along the same route.
Travel time: about 2 hours

Peio Paese | Talè Alpine hut

From the car-park of Peio city-center enter a little track on the right that goes up towards the elementary school. Continue to Croce dei Bagni (1,680 m); from here, continue on the left-hand side and you can reach Malga Talè (Talè Alpine hut, 1,723 m).
Travel time: about 1 hour

Peio Terme | Wildlife area for deers and roe deers sighting

At the crossroads Peio Fonti turn right and after about 50 meters enter the “Wildlife Area” trail on the left. It is possible to visit the area, together with the Stelvio National Park visitor center. Once you have reached the SP 42, continue for about 30 minutes to Peio Paese, where it is possible to visit the Museum of the White War in front of the Parish Church. Continue on the left-hand side of the church along the road for Casanove, Baita 3 Larici, and from there back to Peio Fonti.
Travel time: about 1 and half hour

Peio Terme | Forte Barba di Fior | 1,510 m

At the first hairpin turn of the road that takes you from Peio Fonti to Peio Paese, enter the narrow road on the left that leads to Lago Pian Palu. After about 1 km you arrive to the car-park of the Frattasecca Alpine hut. Continue walking for about 100 meters, enter the first trail on the left that leads up to the Forte Barba di Fior, a fortification which dates back to the First World War.
Travel time: about 30 minutes

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