MYPASS is also active this year in Pejo!
For lovers of winter sports, MYPASS is the great and indispensable news for the upcoming ski season. MYPASS SCI is the access and payment system, the most advanced on the Italian market, which through a practical Card offers a fast and smart solution to simplify life, eliminate stress and enhance the time spent at high altitude.

MYPASS is the first and only payment system in the ski segment based on smart charging that automatically detects the most convenient tariff, among those conventioned in the area.

With MYPASS you only pay for the time actually spent on the ski slopes, calculated on the interval between the time of the first and last access. And if you ski for several consecutive days, every day you will be charged the price difference to reach the most convenient multi-day rate.


  • PRACTICALITY: Skiing freely, using only the MYPASS Card practice, leaving your wallets, credit cards and documents at home.
  • SAVINGS: MYPASS technology automatically detects the most convenient tariff thanks to the pay per use system. In this way, savings are guaranteed from the first to the last ski lift!
  • NO STRESS: Access the facilities of the participating ski areas without going through the ticket office and waste precious time in the queue. Thanks to MYPASS the fun on the snow has no obstacles!


Activating the MYPASS Card is simple, fast and cheap: just connect to the website and associate your credit card number with your account and with only 10 euros you will be free to make all payments without worries .

Thanks to MYPASS on vacation you bring with you only the desire to have fun!