Pejo plastic free

The first plastic free ski area in the world

A sustainable choice for the future of our mountains
This winter season, the mountain huts in this ski area have officially said goodbye to disposable cutlery, glasses, straws and plastic bottles. All disposable plastic items have been totally banned from the ski area’s mountain huts!
A challenging decision and a historic choice for an “eco-friendly” territory like the Stelvio National Park, where an increasing number of choices have been and will be made to concretely protect our natural, environmental and sociocultural resources, where protecting the authenticity of the surroundings is a definite must.

Skiing in a sustainable skiarea

Pejo Funivie, in collaboration with the Val di Sole Tourism Board, the Scuola Italiana Sci e Snowboard Val di Pejo (ski school) and the ski area’s mountain huts, have developed and defined the goals of this sustainability project according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations.
This decision was made and unanimously agreed upon by several institutions and businesses in order to protect our most precious resource: nature, the environment in which we all live in.
A fundamental project for a ski resort that is perfectly suited for family ski holidays and where children can try skiing for the very first time.
But this isn’t the only project that the ski area is working on: a large-scale sustainability project will be applied to the entire valley with several steps involved. The main goal of this project is to protect the environment so that future generations can fully enjoy our mountains.