Not only skiing up to 3000 meters and not only beautiful views for the Pejo 3000 ski area. Try the new FUNSLOPE, a fun attraction for all those who love acrobatic skiing and free style.

It is a unique path of its kind made of waves, parabolic curves and big manone to give the five.

There is no room for boredom in Pejo: the funslope is an amazing mix of facilities for the fun of the whole family!

It is located on the Beverina track and can be reached by the Saroden chairlift.

These are the FunSlope facilities, where you can test yourself and have fun:

  • Rainbow butter box 3 meters
  • Banana butter box meters
  • Softbow butter box 3 meters
  • Jib dome of 2 meters in diameter
  • Pianobooster
  • Sound Slopy