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Information note according to article nr 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/03 “Code involving the protection of personal data”

Pejo Funivie Spa informs you that all your personal and identifying data provided for the purchase of some tickets, are collected with the following purpose:

- issuing of ski-passes;

- check on the correct use of the card, with regards to the issuing of special discounts (by exclusive use of particular people concerned), by adults (male or female) or children (3 to 7 days tickets) by means of a “traffic lights” system placed at the barriers; 

- administrative and accounting purposes related to the steps to the turnstiles;

- commercial and/or marketing purposes (information and updates with regard to the services we offer), only with the customer’s consent, even through his email address (whose provision is discretional).

The processing of data related to the picture of the subject (in multiple day and seasonal tickets) has the aim to check that the ticket is used only by the person concerned. In order to achieve the aim, some barriers are equipped with height detectors and camera (photo compare). The photo check is made by the service staff and does not involve any use of biometric data.

Data will be processed with manual, IT and telematics procedures, though reasoning strictly related to the aim. Specifically, the passage through the barriers is automatically checked by the system with RFID technology, placed inside the Key Card (RFID label) and on the turnstile (RFID antenna); such relevation allows identifying the geographical position of people though a web of electronic communication. To implement the service, Pejo Funivie makes also use of external companies, properly selected and appointed.

The completion of this form is required to get the seasonal subscription card.

Data could be transmitted to the following categories: lending institutions, insurance agencies, freelancers, and people responsibles for the treatment of data duly appointed or for the fulfilling of laws. Data will not be transferred to third parties.

All data connected to Superskirama and Combi tickets might be transferred to the Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta Association for administrative/accounting purposes related to the crossing of barriers.

Data connected to Skiarea Combiskiarea tickets (area Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida Marilleva, Pejo) will be handled by the four companies for administrative accounting.

In the case of use of the cards Superskirama in the Dolomiti Superski, its turnstiles will record only the card number (for Dolomiti Superski anonymous data) to verify the correct use of the same. The personal and identification data will be processed by Dolomiti Superski only in case of issues of daily card replacement for malfunctioning of the season. This processing will be carried by Dolomiti Superski as owner of self treatment.

In the case of use of the cards at the Dolomiti Superski ski Ski area Skirama and identification data will be processed only in case of malfunction of the season, for the purposes and in the manner described above.

The following subjects, appointed for processing of data, may get knowledge of your data: Administration, marketing office, ticket office.

Panoramic Web Cams: the ski area of Pejo Funivie Spa is equipped with webcams. Landscape pictures are only used for touristic purposes and spread through the internet on web site. 

(Rev. 11/14)


Pejo Funivie Spa informs the candidate, according to article nr 13 of Legislative decree 196/03 “Code involving the protection of personal data” (hereinafter Code), that all his personal data and their processing will be aimed at carrying out activities of staff research, selection and evaluation. Data will be processed with manual, IT and telematics procedures, though reasoning strictly related to the aim. Provision of data is discrectionary; an incomplete provision of data, however, prevents a complete evaluation of the candidacy. Data will be transmitted to the following subjects or categories: administration, recruitment office, and secretariat. Data will not be transmitted to third parties and will be processed for a period of 6 months; after that period, unless specifically reconfirmed by the person concerned, will be destroyed. We furthermore specify that the above mentioned data (in particular those connected to personal requirements and professional path) will undergo verifications. The responsible for the processing of data and the following categories appointed for the processing of data might get knowledge of your data: recruitment office and people involved in the selection process. In evaluating what stated above, in order to give us your approval for the processing of data, you are kindly requested to keep in mind that among the personal information which are object of the present and that you spontaneously provide, there might be some data described as “sensitive” (former art. 4 c.1 lett.d) of the Code) (connected, in particular, with the belonging of protected classes).

(Rev. 11/14)


The data in our possession, collected in relation to contractual relationships, are directly requested to the person concerned. All collected data are processed in full respect of the applicable law and confidentiality. The collection or processing of personal data has the only aim to provide for the full compliance with operations required for carrying out the business of our company and in particular for: preparatory requirements for the issuing of a contract; comply with contractual obligations towards the person concerned by implementing a single act, multiple acts or a set of different operations useful for complying with the above mentioned obligations; implement the compliance connected or useful for the contract at public or private authorities; implement the compliance with laws obligations. In connection with the above mentioned aim, personal data will be processed with manual, IT and telematics procedures, through reasoning strictly related to the aim, and in any way to guarantee security and confidentiality of the same data in full respect of the above mentioned laws. For the agreement and execution of the professional relationship, collection of personal data is also mandatory, due to the need to comply with legislative and fiscal obligations; the refusal to provide all the data will imply the impossibility to establish any relationship with the company. The related processing does not require the consent of the person concerned. Personal data and processing thereof will be used in communicating with other companies for the execution of economic activites (commercial, administrative, management of information services, insurance, bank or non-bank brokerage, factoring, management of deliveries, boxing and sending of correspondence) or in complying with laws (accountants or lawyers). Data will not be transmitted to third parties. The responsible for the processing of data and the following categories appointed for the processing of data might get knowledge of your data: quality management department, direction and general secretariat, recruitment office, production, administration, logistics, sales, deliveries.

(Rev. 11/14)


By visiting our website you can surf the pages anonymously and access certain information without revealing your identity. In order to access confidential services reserved to customers, we use temporary “cookies” to guarantee the user a safe navigation in order to identify the authorized user. A cookie is a small amount of data transferred to your browser by a web server and can only be read by the server that performed the transfer. It acts as an identity card, recording your passwords, purchases and preferences. It is not an executable code and it doesn’t deliver viruses. Almost all browsers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can set the browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, with the option to choose whether you want to accept it or not. (For some Web pages that require an authorization cookies are not optional. Users choosing not to accept cookies will not be able to access specific services dedicated to customers).

(Rev. 11/14) 


You can contact our Privacy Service to access your data and have them integrated, modified or deleted for any violation of law, or deny their processing and exert any right provided for by article nr 7 of the Code. Pejo  Funivie SpA. located in Piazzale Telecabina 1 - 38020 Peio Terme (TN) is the data processing owner. A complete list of all the data processing owners is accessible at the privacy service of the person concerned.

(Rev. 11/14)

 Art. 7. Decree 196/03 - Right of accessing to personal data and other rights

1. The subject concerned has the right to receive confirmation about his personal data having being collected or not, even if not recorded yet, and the transmittion of those in intelligible form.

2. The subject concerned has the right to receive information about: a) origin of personal data; b) purposes and methods of processing of data; c) reasoning applied in the case of processing of data by means of electronic instruments; d) particulars of the owner, the responsible and the representative appointed according to article 5, paragraph 2; e) subjects or categories to whom personal data may be transmitted or who can get knowledge of them in their role of representatives appointed within the territory of the State, of managers or agents.

3. The subject concerned has the right to receive: a) any update, correction or, if interested, integration of data; b) the cancellation, transformation under anonymous form or the interruption of data processed in violation of the law, including those whose conservation is not necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; c) certification that the operations stated as in letters a) and b) were brought to the attention, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or transmitted, except for the case in which this operation is impossible or involves the use of means manifestly out of proportion with respect to the defended right.

4. The subject concerned has the right to object, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons to the processing of personal data related to him, even if in accordance with the aim that justified their collection; b) to the processing of personal data related to him with the aim to send advertising or direct sale material or for the accomplishment of marketing research or commercial communication.

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